The Threat Of Centralization

2Wendell Davies is the founder of Hive, an iOS wallet application that raises the standard of built in social and consumer features. Very energetic, well-traveled and an open-source advocate, Wendell is an early adopter who is been riding the Bitcoin wave for a while.
I met Wendell outside of a VC pitch session on the 44th floor at Marina Boulevard in Singapore, and had the pleasure of recording a long conversation for my upcoming documentary IamSatoshi. We discussed open-source, centralization, alt coins, sci-fi and more. Below is a short excerpt from our conversation, I hope you enjoy. Follow @hivewallet

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  • Richard Boase just proved that centralisation of mining is a problem, and worse, if say a government or someone with great resources felt that it was worth their while to crash the bitcoin network, they could possibly use and as a weapon against the network.