Train to Tottenham, through Banglatown, past the land of the Hassids to a leafy street with crack-pipes for sale on the corner. The house, bohemian, French Moroccan interior. Clouds of smoke from Ketama. Books piled on books piled on books. A transistor radio the favoured means of communication from the outside world.
Electricity is not a constant. The first three lights blow. Finally, one dim light and a battery-powered camera later, we begin to film.
Poetical Dissent enters the frame, takes sustenance and commences deranged rambling

“Networks of collaboration”. Bitcoin now exceeds SETI@home computing project for network power. Fourteen years against four!
“Information as the primary commodity”. Satoshis (one hundred-millionth of a
Bitcoin) being the literal commodity.
“Eco-systems of innovation”. Decentralized open source is the rallying mantra. Innovation from the people. Profit no longer the guiding light.
“The revolution is now”. As bankers threaten small businessmen with boycotts over infidelities. “Thou shalt have no other god but Fiat currency”. Cyber Christs threaten to turn the moneychangers from the temple once again.



Humanity progresses.