Digital Currencies Are Here To Stay

BGIWith a background in business, psychology and technology, Javier Marti, the author of Mobile, Domains and the Future, a book about the mobile revolution that is helping to change the world; thinks that Bitcoin is currently doing something similar. The founder of Bitcoin Global Investments, which he describes as a combination of, Moody’s and PricewaterhouseCoopers. BGI Provides services of information and consulting, and have recently developed Algorithms based numerical representation, to show the health of Bitcoin. I had the good fortune of meeting Javier on 28th July to record his interview for my upcoming documentary, IamSatoshi. Here are the highlights from the interview:
Javier thinks that the most attractive quality of bitcoin is the 21 Million limits. He describes the least attractive quality of the virtual currency as the technical barrier of entry to the space. Javier emphasizes that it is the main issue that prevents the wider adoption of Bitcoin as a currency and as a hedge against inflation.
Javier sees that the most obvious benefits of Digital Currencies are the potential anonymity, or the way we are able to set the level of anonymity ourselves. Also, the immediacy of sending money around the world for very low or no fees; ‘it is a hustle free solution’.
We talked about the democratization of the internet in 1995 and Javier drew some parallels to Bitcoin. ‘A democratization of money’. Javier emphasized that the difference is that the emergence of the internet was not seen as an immediate threat to governments and, there was no real political opposition to it. Javier reminds us, that the lobbying powers of the financial/banking sector that will stand strong against the clear change that Bitcoin will bring to the picture of financial services are much stronger than the lobbying powers that were fighting Amazon and Ebay. Javier believes that digital currencies are here to stay, but we might see some turmoil going forward, as he accepts that the Tax Evasion possibility threatens the foundation of a capitalist society.
Javier mentions different scenarios of Governments trying to take Bitcoin down, or at least make people think twice before entering the Crypto-currency space. ‘If something was to compromise the security of the stellar programmers, it will make everyone think twice before entering the Bitcoin space.’ Javier believes that such a scenario may not kill Bitcoin, but it will make the programmers and miners stay underground. This, in Javier’s opinion may result in less talent entering the eco system and a slowdown in innovation, going forward.
Javier’s long-term goals include the expansion of BGI and continuing to raise awareness via public, community and corporate presentations. I wish him good luck!
You can follow Javier Marti @javiermarti

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