CoinScrum – It’s the technology, stupid

Fintech Week and CoinScrum London – Monday 31st March 2014.
It’s the technology, stupid. The real value of Bitcoin

It’s the technology, stupid. The real value of Bitcoin:
A panel discussion that bypasses talk of bitcoin, the wildly fluctuating digital currency portrayed by the mainstream media, and reflects instead on the disruptive potential of the underlying “blockchain” technology.
Disrupting centralised exchanges; challenging the way corporations are structured and governed; decentralising payment and voting systems; re-thinking property ownership rights and transfer.
The concept of The Blockchain may be about to change everything.
Moderated by: Adam Cleary
Panellists include: Pinar Ermidag, Stephan Tual, Christian Papathanasiou, Simon Hamblin, Brett Scott
Followed by Q&A

Introducing The UKDCA:
A panel discussion with members of the soon-to-be-launched UK Digital Currency Association, an advocacy group that will have a highly-inclusive membership policy to cover all levels of interest int he digital currency space.
Founded by a group of well-known individuals and businesses that have been active in the community for some time, some of whom have already been successfully engaging with regulators and HMRC in order to drive policy, formulate best practices and educate people and businesses looking to explore opportunities in the crypto currency space.
Followed by Q&A

Regulatory Update:
Regulatory and compliance expert, Sian Jones, has completed an analysis of the recent HMRC tax briefing and will be sharing her findings with us.

Start-up Stories:
Iain Creswell, Tibdit

Simon Edhouse, Bittunes