CoinScrum‘s event at 93 Feet East marked the end of a year full of busy and diverse meetups and, the launch of Proof of Work. The night kicked off with an address from Louis Chang, the co-founder at the newly established London-based media and production house.
Followed, in a world-class line up: Gavin Wood, director of ETHDEV. Vinay Gupta, inventor of The Hexayurt. Brett Scott, author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money. Last, but not least; Peter Todd, one of the most active developers in the Bitcoin Eco-system.
Video presentations below, I hope you enjoy.

Gavin Wood – Allegality – SYSTEMS THAT CAN’T CARE

Vinay Gupta – Post State Foreign Policy By Internet Protocol

Brett Scott – [bitcoin] Currency Critique – One Year In Review

Peter Todd – Bitcoin and Notions of Trust