bitcoin_tablet_kenyaIn the first two weeks of March I will have the opportunity to join the Bitcoin Tablet In Kenya expedition, which is organised by my dear friend and colleague @richardboase. While it is very easy to say that bitcoin is a force for good, the purpose of this journey is to go and see whether bitcoin could be useful for the people on the ground in Kenya. If we find out that it is not as simple as some may think, we want to document our attempt, and perhaps allow for entrepreneurship innovation. We want to see if this is a reality, or a PR marketing dream. We have created a Meetup group and we will host at least one meeting with locals who are interested to learn more about the technology. Our plan is to plant the seeds that may help developing countries to frog leap over the legacy banking system. I will be hosting video workshops with the help of Jay Larson at TunaPanda, trying to open a possible market for creative media talent in Nairobi. This project is part of my research-documentary IamSatoshi. Please help us by donating to the cause, or simply by sharing the video below (or this page), with as many people as possible.

“Paypal and other global payment systems are blocked in Kenya and banks charge a high fee for transferring money into the country. As a result, money gets sucked up into institutions before it reaches the people who need it most. Bitcoin can help solve that problem by putting money directly in the hands of aid workers, teachers, families and farmers.”


You can donate to a specific charity project below, or to donate to the general project please send bitcoins to:


General QR

Or you can choose to send funds to Matej at the bitcoin tablet project at:


Tablet QR

The aim of the Bitcointablet Project is to help introduce Bitcoin into developing economies and get people blogging about their daily lives on the website is a registered charity in Slovakia run by Matej Michalko

The blogging site and blogging app for the tablets is designed by Alex Howard Breadman at

Funds for the tablets were originally raised in conjunction with Joerg Platzer at

Tomer Kantor at will be filming aspects of the project in early March. 

Feb 1st to Feb 14th I’ll be visiting a rural health and education initiative in the Masai Mara called MACCOP . 

Maccop’s goals are: To develop sustainable livelihoods for the Maasai people; to initiate environmental conservation measures for their livestock and wildlife; to provide health care services in a high-risk area for diseases such as Malaria, TB Typhoid, cholera and Asthma, to provide clean water to the community by drilling boreholes and supplying spring water and to help manage the drought relief program by introducing modern agriculture and greenhouses. 

I will be painting and helping out at an orphanage there, and would like to provide them with £500 of building materials. 

I’ll be taking photos and writing about my experiences, and conducting informal research on how bitcoin and low-fee remittance can help alleviate suffering by integrating with local Kenyan digital currency M-Pesa. 

To donate to this project please send bitcoin to:


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Feb 15th to March 1st I’ll be in Mombasa at a half-way house for street kids who’ve suffered domestic abuse and drug addiction. 

I’d like to provide the centre with funds for clothes and basic teaching materials like white-boards, books and writing materials. I also plan to equip one or two of the staff with tablet computers courtesy of the BitcoinTablet Project:

To donate to this charity please send your donations to: 


Grandsons QR

March 2nd to March 6th we’re providing phone tablets to connect public health officials in the Rift Valley who work alongside Doctor Michael Meegan at the charity

To help us provide financial assistance to this project whilst there, please send bitcoin donations to:


Icross QR

March 7th to March 14th we be providing an education project in Kibera called ROCK with a classroom of refurbished desktop computers and an internet connection in conjunction with Jay Larson at and Elizabeth Rossiello at . “Tunapanda makes it possible for kids who have never touched a computer to become powerful users of digital technology and study STEM/STEAM subjects”

We’ll be encouraging teachers and students to blog about their lives and work and provide them with teaching materials about Bitcoin from the Khan Academy and the BItcoin Education Project. 

To donate to the ROCK Project please donate to:



To donate via Bank Transfer, please email me at and I can give you my details. (You can also send Paypal donations to this email address). 


Thank you for your support!

Richard Boase