Bitcoin Mining For The Masses

I met with Emmanuel Abiodun, a senior IT developer in a leading high street bank to film an interview for my research. Emmanuel sees the future in the Cloud. That’s what made him start his project, Cloud Hashing, where it’s all about the Cloud. The mission statement is to see more people with a vested interest in Bitcoin, the ones who don’t care for the jargon or the geeky talk. To enable the masses.
Emmanuel explains Cloud Hashing’s risk management plan, investments for the future, a new partner (legal), contracts sales and how he plans to deal with big investors.

You can visit or follow @cloudhashing.

Here are some highlights from the interview, hope you enjoy.

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  • Richard Boase

    This animation further explains the concept behind cloud hashing! 🙂

  • Adrian

    I like the idea, but sceptical about handing over £100 to an entity I don’t know, where’s my security. This is a Great idea, I like it but…

  • Darrylle Sunderland

    It would be nice to see CloudHashing being overtly transparent.
    E.g. 30% of all of my BitCoins are retained and re-invested in hardware. I understand the reasoning – that attempts to keep ‘my’ hashing rate ‘level’ as hashing difficulty increases (exponentially).
    So, I start at 20Gh/s and over 2 years – this without ‘re-investment’ would reduce massively.
    It would be nice if you could show a charted prediction of ‘with’ and ‘without’ this ‘re-investment’ model.
    Some people may prefer larger initial profit, tapering to zero up to 2 years later, rather than paying for hardware to ‘level out’ the profit and incidentally paying for hardware that CloudHashing will always own.
    After all, my total ‘profit’ will be the same after 2 years will it not? The only difference is that I will receive a flat rate of income over 24 months, rather than receiving 90% of it after 12 months. The only beneficiary is CloudHashing who will own the hardware that has been bought with my BitCoins.

    Am I even remotely near the mark with the above?

    • bitcoingreat

      becouse you bought the contract and contract never works

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  • TheJokool .

    SCAM!!!!!!!!! Avoid or you will ave your money stolen by this fraudster…

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