blog photoSveinn Valfells is an entrepreneur, scientist and an angel investor. The first time I was introduced to Sveinn’s work was at Bitcoin London 2013, where he gave a fantastic presentation about the use of bitcoin in micro-states, and how his home country Iceland could adopt it. I have been trying to secure an interview with Sveinn for a long time, and due to both of us having busy schedules, I only had the pleasure of meeting him last week. We met in a North London cafe to discuss: what first got him interested in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and the Internet as a metaphor, bitcoin as an individual empowerment tool, governance and ethics of a protocol, hackers as potential lead financiers, the possible danger of mining centralisation, bitcoin as a political tool and how network computing relates to economical and political aspects of a future digital society. An excerpt of our conversation below, I hope you enjoy it. Follow¬†@vinmoor