Bitcoin Allows Visible Change

Julia Tourianski is a very colourful and fresh voice in the Bitcoin world. In a recent piece, Paul Rosenberg described the new generation of ‘Bitcoin kids’, and how this may go down in the future. Julia Tourianski, was of-course mentioned and quoted. I was first introduced to Julia at my friend Amir Taaki‘s place. While in London, Julia kindly agreed to let me pick her brain on camera; talking Bitcoin, communities, Blockchain, open-source and politics. An excerpt below, I hope you enjoy. Follow Julia @BraveTheWorld.

  • Richard Boase

    If government regulates the banks, and anti-regulation or de-regulation generally favours the banks, then, just as we saw in the 2008 financial crash, ‘Bad Actors’ tend to benefit from deregulation (or non-regulation) the most. It gives them the opportunity to defraud investors (Madoff) and over-leverage themselves (Lehman) all with the expectation of ‘getting away with it’. Although these two are extreme examples where they got caught, and failed, an absence of regulation of industry by government, empowers corporates, and limits the power of governments. That means that corporates can, will, and (already) do, take advantage of a new set of financial tools based on Bitcoin, to rip people off.

    Bitcoiin IS, apparently, sound money from one kind of technical perspective – but that doesn’t mean that the institutions who use it ought not to be regulated. When I’m talking about regulating, I”m mostly talking about government regulating Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and whether or not they’re legally allowed to interact with Bitcoin.

    Julia, Are you pro the WInklevoss ETF or anti?

    • Cryptonomy

      Regulation is no concern. Bitcoin is a need for regulators, but regulation is definitely not a need for Bitcoin!