A beautiful Loft, West of Shoredich’s triangle. Typical London rainy afternoon, jet lagged visitors, noting a current West Coast temperature. I got the chance to spend a few magical evenings with three lead thinkers in the open-source, decentralised and bitcoin community.
Elizabeth Starks, an entrepreneur, promoting the future of digital currency and decentralised technologies at StartBitcoin.
Matt Corallo, a Bitcoin Core developer and a ninja. Matt’s also the co-founder at the much anticipated Blockstream project.
Toni Lane, CoinTelegraph‘s CEO and an advisor to numerous crypto projects.
I had the pleasure to record an interview with all three. We’ve had some sound issues, lighting issues, and Holiday foreclosure of shops in London issue. All and all, three great interviews, concerning On-line privacy, Bitcoin Core development, Mainstream media approach to Bitcoin and Code as Activism. Excerpts below, I hope you enjoy. Follow Elizabeth , Matt , and Toni .

Elizabeth Starks – Community Diversification Makes Bitcoin Much More Interesting

Matt Corallo – Bitcoin Allows Activist To Do Their Work More Easily

Toni Lane – [With Bitcoin] We Can Shape A Better Future For The People